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Dop Jack Saltmiras

We make 35,000 decisions every day. But most of those decisions won’t really affect your life. But there’s a few that will.

Decisions decisions


ford motor company - truck life

Dop Duncan kemp

Ford wanted to create a campaign to highlight their truck range to a younger audience. So we created the “Truck Life” platform, a simple more relevant creative expression of Built Ford Tough. Over thirty, six second films were created to run across social media, each individually designed to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the audiences’ everyday whinges. “Truck Life” offered the alternative. Here are a few of my favourites.

Wrong Name


Lactose Intolerant


Plastic Fork


Slow Internet


Too Hot


Too Many Ads



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Tate modern & art gallery of new south wales - the language of nudity

Animation Scott Zuliani

To launch Nude: Art from the Tate collection we enlisted the help of a linguist form the University of New South Wales and plotted a timeline of the different terms used throughout history to describe nudity and body parts. Just like in the exhibition, we set out to discover over 100 terms from over the last 200 years. By representing the evolution of nudity with Language, we were able to communicate the breadth and power of the exhibition without revealing the artworks themselves, and thus giving people a reason to attend.



Fun Bags


The Buff